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a man with a banjo

is smiling down over robotic

children.  His eyes are moving with

the ribbons streaming over their

metal faces.  there is red

there is blur

there is opal.  His voice is like

a stone:  it sinks faster than their

arms at sea.

“We hold the future in our

hands, but we move to fast for

you.  the coral think they know us,

but they don’t have spines.  we

know what is vertebrae, we know what

is invertebrate.”

There is a joyful chord, there

is a flag turning upside down.

there is red there is blur there is


A captain from the tropics

holds a laser at the skies.  He

tells his crew that

there will be an airline that

will fall to it’s knees, will fall

to the seas.  the splash of the

wings, the holy water like it’s the

monsoon. there red

there blur there opal.