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the sand makes itself feel

like snow.  your wife doesn’t

know how it came to

be, but you tell her that it

is magic even though she doesn’t know

science like you do.  a dog comes

up and asks the two of you

to come to the garden

where all splendid things will be

painted, but you wake up before then and

your wife is bleeding.  The explains

that her dream is the same as yours

and her smile exposes the

deepest desires of the

earth and canines in

general.  You both run to the

hospital, but there isn’t any hope for

the child and after your

wife passes away, you fall asleep

again never to

be given back the beach,

never be given back the

ability to sleep or feel all your bones.  You do

go to the garden, but it isn’t bearing any

fruit only palm leaves.