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The painter is hiding behind the

spikey wheat and making out

with the schoolmistress.  The group

of children.  There is a black snake

slithering and it tells

the children to ask the grown ups

what they are doing.  The painter

smooths out his mustache and says

that he is participating in beauty and

the girl says that she is participating

in knowledge and

that there parents must kiss, so they shouldn’t

be laughing and calling her names so much.

The snake disappears and the children

run home because their collective mother is calling

them.  The teacher and the painter

give each other high fives and

say that those kids are dumb for believing

the crap that they told them.  Then the

teacher wipes off the paint that she has

disguised for clothes on

her body and the teacher takes off

his false mustache and they consummate

their secret marriage.