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Him and his guide stand and sit respectively

and he imagines what the

world would  be like if

water was coloured differently.

The trees get less heavy and

the eco-system changes

and the guide tells him

it’s time to do what they talked about

earlier and they both take off their

shirts.  The guide doesn’t have any

tatoos becausehe seems like a pussy.

He puts a knife in his mouth and he swims under the

tree branch until they

are both at the shore.  When they

get to the house, it’s

wiped clean and dusk distills

the images that they will probably

remember for quite some time.

He searches all the rooms.  There’s just paper

on the walls, not even photographs.  He doesn’t even know

if they’ve come to the right place, or

if they’ve done the right things or if

the spirit animals following them

are alive.