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She sits down in her

mustard coloured sports car

and drives to meet her teacher.   Her

manuscript is lying on

the vintage leather seat and her

nifty sunglasses are lying

over top of the ink stained pages.

Do they magnify the light and make

the car explode?  Do the heavens open and

she drive into the sky?  Will it be night time

soon?  Is she a scientist?  Is there such

a thing as the sun?  Does her teacher know she is

approaching his home?  Are his wife and

children with him?

Later that night, the professor, professes

his love for her, but she says that

it’s a mistake and that

she doesn’t believe in romantic

relationships and that he is gay, so

it would probably not work out.

He cries and cries all night, but

she is heartless and drives home.  Though, she

is happy that he said

that her thesis was

a super duper written work and

that the research is top-notch.  Still,

her  car is bad for the environment and

she doesn’t even care about that.  Does she hit a

tree and die, proving that there is relation of the subjective and

objective natures of the universe?  She drive home safely?

Does she love that her life is full of adventure?  Will

she ever quit drinking, like she promised

her vicar and grandmothers?  Will she ever start smoking

to make her feel left alone?  Does it rain at

night or does the moon remind her of

a picture she saw when she was

a child and she didn’t

understand?  What is there

to understand?