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She says that there is something
coming out of the fire. We
were alarmed at first. What would
be floating out except for
smoke? Why would a child
try to tell us this? Was she rooted
in truth? I tied the hair
behind my head and
turned around. My husband was still
facing the other way, but the girl
ran past me and towards him
and her steps became higher
and higher. I screamed, of course,
I thought she was becoming something
else, like she was floating, to
mimic the smoke or something else that
was blown around. My husband saw
her and yelled, but
before she went far past him, she
fell into the lake. She didn’t go very deep.
She was quite wet and we didn’t,
still know if she was to blame because there
was truth in what she said
and we were worried that she
would catch a cold.