the book of evil and evil


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three sisters come to the

end. one has a fever, one has

a ballad and the

third only holds the

sin in her hands. sounds past

the kitchen have voices, dogs

know how to talk. the mirror doesn’t know

who’s following. coffee or tea. coffee or tea.

the river past the delta calls for

the police.


socrates playing soccer


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if you were a donkey, galloping

to the shore, I would still call

you a camel. the salt mines are too full of

your nonsense, but if I talk to them, they’ll

let you in. you’re family in cameroon

asks me for a favour. I don’t know the owner,

I say, but take the pearl that represents the

night, I block the border with it. the valley is holding

red cliffs, blue cliffs, I don’t know cliffs.

time to breathe out


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when the camera catches

the wave breaking across

the stoney

passageway. a wood door, carved

out of chestnut stays closed. the camera passes into

the grains and out

through the

pores. the grandfather inside is

drifting to sleep. the waves find him

too. they lift him and then they

drop him. the camera is lost

in the water, shorting its circuits and

drowning its reels. life is shallow sometimes.

moss under icebergs


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if we march on in spirit

and in truth, walking past the

streams flowing with heaping pieces

of ice and straw for grass on the

river banks. if the russian

merchants call to us when

they sit on their swift moving rafts,

‘child, see the future if you

give us your

venison, see the past if you

give us the brandywine’. Will we turn,

will we take refreshment in

the icy water? no, we follow the lantern in

the wilderness which lights our way.

unspeakable hubris


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they call me starship man, because

I fly so fast into

the stars. I will turn around and come back to the

planet that birthed me. we’ll be on

the lookout for the

cops that did my mother dirty. let me have your hands

so they can shovel snow

and bear the weight of the sins of your parents. when will the

state learn? when will the snow fall? when will

the end of the world come to the

cabin boys and when will they

stop being sprinkled on

all the free pizza?